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  • Company Profile

    LIAOCHENG XINLUO MACHINERY CO., LTD was founded in the year of 1966,and is the MediumⅡNational Enterprise, which has 600 employees, with 380 million total asset. The factory covers about 186,600 square meters. There are also about 600 sets of equipment, which are mainly being used to deal with foundry, machining, assembly, and other processes.

  • Company Equipment

    We have various casting processes and casting equipments which are all first-class at home. Such as American 5 tons Medium Frequency Electrical Induction Furnace, 15 tons duplex holding furnace and 10 tons auto-charging cupola, resin sand molding line, green sand molding line, pre-coated sand molding line, lost foam producing line, cold box process, hot box process, shell core machine, and mechanical sand preparation equipment, complete set of continuous cleaning system, gas-consumption aging treatment furnaces and auto-painting line, etc.

  • Company Product

    Our major products: series of large power diesel engine blocks, natural gas engine blocks, cylinder heads, large and medium size tractor transmission housing and rear axle housing, series of industrial and wind power generator frames, various vehicle front and rear axle housing, valves of large and medium size, pumps in large and medium size, etc; products’ weight scopes are from 50kg to 20,000kg..